Airfare & Tuition Scholarships

Airfare Scholarships

$400 airfare scholarship

Jeff Seidel has an easy online application for his $400 airfare scholarship to Israel. As long as you are:

  1. Not currently (at the time of applying) in Israel,
  2. Minimal background in Jewish observance or education.
  3. Coming to Israel to learn for the 1st time at a seminary or yeshiva, you'll qualify. NOTE: You can still apply to his scholarship if you have been to Israel before, whether for vacation, on a Birthright trip, or on a confirmation class trip.
Apply online for this $400 scholarship by clicking here.

$ Varying Amounts � airfare and tuition scholarships

Rabbi Benzion Klatzko, National Director of College Outreach, offers airfare and tuition scholarships for students to go to Israel on various Jewish experience trips, including touring, ulpan, tzedek trips offered by many organizations. If a student is looking for a Jewish experience trip and is unsure of their options, Rabbi Klatzko will discuss it with the student and customize a trip that will meet the need and desire of each student.

In addition, Rabbi Klatzko offers scholarships to those students that have already been on a Jewish experience trip and now want to return and study in select Yeshivot or Seminaries in or around Jerusalem. The amount of the tuition scholarship depends on the need.

To apply, email Rabbi Klatzko directly at [email protected].

$400 airfare scholarship

Most AISH HaTorah programs (including Jewel and EYAHT for women and Essentials for men) offer a $400 airfare scholarship. When you apply to AISH, you can apply for the airfare scholarship.

NOTE: You CANNOT get both the $400 AISH airfare scholarship and the $400 Jeff Seidel airfare scholarship, as they both come from the same foundation. So apply for one airfare scholarship or the other, but not both.

Bureau of Jewish Education
$ Varying Amounts � airfare & tuition scholarships

In the United States, many cities have a Bureau of Jewish Education that gives out scholarships. Each of the Bureaus below offer scholarships to study at a seminary or yeshiva in Israel. Contact them directly for information.

PLEASE NOTE: The Bureaus of Jewish Education listed below only give scholarships to people who are located in and or around their city. Please do not contact them if you�re from a different area.

  • Buffalo, NY: If you�re in the Buffalo area, to apply for the Israel Scholarship Fund, contact the Foundation of Jewish Philanthropies by clicking this link to request an application.
  • Cleveland, OH: If you�re in the Cleveland area, please contact Helen Wolf, Israel Programs Director, (216) 371-0446.
  • Indianapolis, IN: If you�re in the Indianapolis area, contact their office to see what scholarships they offer: (317) 255-3124.
  • Phoenix, AZ: If you�re in the Phoenix area, contact the Israel Center at: [email protected] or (480) 634-4900, ext. 1119.
  • Rhode Island: Grants and scholarships are available for Greater Rhode Island residents for high school or college educational programs in Israel. Please contact Larry Katz for more information: (401) 421-5999, ext. 179, or [email protected].
  • San Francisco, CA: If you�re from the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Janet Rothman, Financial Aid Director at: [email protected] or (415) 751-6983 x 107.

FREE Airfare

Taglit-birthright Israel provides COMPLETELY FREE (including airfare) 10-day trips to Israel. If you're between the ages of 18 - 26 and if you've never been on an organized tour of Israel (even if you've come to Israel before), you'll be accepted.

In most cases, for a fee ranging from $50 - $250, you can extend your airline ticket to be able to stay in Israel for up to 90 days. However, �In RARE situations participants will not be permitted to make extensions. In such cases, your organizer will notify you in advance of ticketing that extensions won�t be possible.� � from their Web site.

Regarding this extension situation, one Taglit-birthright alum wrote us and said:

"I signed up for Taglit-birthright hoping to extend my ticket for a month to study [in Israel], but they put me on a Continental flight that has a 14-day maximum extension. So they no longer offer the 90-day extension in all cases�. Also, for Air Canada, the extension is limited to 60 days."

Your Local Synagogue and or Kollel
$150 - $500 airfare scholarship

Most synagogues and or kollels have money set aside somewhere to help students get to Israel. You won't find this scholarship listed on their Web site or in their brochures. However, make sure to ask your Rabbi if he or someone he knows can help you pay for your trip. They usually have a fund or know someone who can help you pay for part of your studies in Israel.