Men's Programs

Introductory Programs

Ages 18-29
28 Days

Essentials is Aish HaTorah's introductory program to Judaism. It�s perfect for the guy who is curious about "Why be Jewish?" and "What can Judaism do for my life?" The classes are taught learn in seminar style on topics ranging from "Practical Spirituality" with Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser (the famous surfing rabbi) to how the book of Genesis fits in with the Big Bang from MIT Ph.D. Dr. Gerald Shroeder.

For only $499, you get round-trip airfare from New York to Israel PLUS 3 weeks of all you can eat meals, housing in the Old City of Jerusalem, and classes. Classes and housing are located in Jerusalem's Old City.

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Dvar Yerushalayim
Har Nof, Jerusalem

Dvar Yerushalayim accepts students with little or no background in Judaism are accepted for our introductory program in Jewish philosophy, Ethics, Siddur, Bible, and Hebrew. Intermediate and Advanced Students are given courses in Gemara, Halacha, Mussar, Chassidus, Hebrew, Chumash, Tenach with Commentaries, at various levels.

Dvar Yerushalayim is staffed by a faculty of gifted and sensitive teachers who respect the individuality of the student with whom they communicate. Our student body is intellectually alert, being drawn from the universities and colleges of two-dozen countries.

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Chai Israel

Ages 17-19

Chai Israel is the perfect program for students who are interested in learning and growing in Israel but are looking for a more diverse Israel experience than what's offered at a full time yeshiva.

Our unique gap-year experience combines thought provoking classes, volunteering, touring, exciting excursions, Israeli culture and meaningful experiences - in a comfortable Jewish atmosphere.

Chai Israel is comprised of male students between the ages of 17-19. Our students come from all types of Jewish backgrounds and upbringing regardless of Jewish observance or Knowledge. Students generally attend Chai Israel for a full nine month academic year but students may also attend for one semester either for the fall semester starting in September or Winter/Spring semester starting mid-January.

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Contact Info:
Rabbi Dani Y. Zwick
Chai Israel, Director

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